Agronomy Services 

We have a full service agronomy department. With a staff who are excited to help you on your farm. 


Monitoring your crops throughout the growing season is a job not to be taken lightly. We offer crop scouting programs to help you watch over your fields throughout the whole growing season. We help you watch for diseases, insects, weeds, nutrient deficiencies and so much more. We can tailor a scouting program to meet your specific needs.

Crop Protection 

We offer a full line up of crop protection products from a wide variety of companies. We have something to help you with to help you with whatever challenges you may be facing during the growing season. We are available to make plans with growers to start each growing season off on the right foot. 

In-Field Sampling

Knowing what the health of your field is essential to grow a successful crop. We offer soil sampling services for whatever crop you may be planting. From those samples we can help you make a personalized recommendation to your field. We also offer in-season tissue sampling. Tissue sampling can help you understand exactly what your crop is using throughout the growing season. This information can help detect problems and also help you make decisions about your farm in the future. 


We have a full line up of seed offerings for you to choose from. We are partnered with 5 different seed companies to bring you the best seed available. We offer seed from non-GMO organic to fully traited technology on the corn side. With soybeans we offer all trait platforms available on the market today. We check our products every year in a test plot so we can make sure we are giving you the best recommendations each year. 


We have wide variety of equipment to help you on your farming operation. We are able to apply dry fertilizer, anhydrous ammonia, spray pesticides, and much more. We have enough equipment to get what you need done on your farm quickly and efficiently. We have very experienced applicators who know how to do the job correctly on your farm. 

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