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Ag Technology

Agriculture is turning into a technology driven industry year after year. We know that technology is becoming essential to you and your operation. The advancements in Ag technology have been tremendous.   We are excited to help you with your fields. 

Prescription Recs

We offer prescription recommendations to help you farm efficiently.  Whether you are looking at fertilizer or planting populations we can help you with a custom recommendation tailored directly to your field.  Variable rate planting and fertilizing have the potential to save you money and place your crop inputs correctly for gaining your best return on your investment.

Grid Sampling

Soil sampling allows you to know exactly what condition your soil is in and what it may be lacking. We have the capability to do grid sampling in whatever size fits your needs.  We can also use soil type maps or organic matter maps to make a zone sample map for your fields.  We can use the data gathered from these samples to make you a prescription rec tailored directly to your field at the exact point the sample was taken.  These types of samples can be done for any crop at depths from 6 inches to 4 feet deeping on your crop needs. 

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